Happy Valentines Day From All Of Us Here At The Marygreen

A red rose

Have a wonderful Valentines Day

Friday the 13th of February is upon us, which can mean only one thing…Valentines Day is here tomorrow. For some the words ‘Valentines Day’ will fill them with dread but for the vast majority it’ll simply remind them of the delicious food they’re about to be treated to. Whether you’ll be joining us with a long term love, a first date, a friend or even that certain someone in your life that you found you could never really say thank you to enough, we want to wish you a wonderful Valentines experience here at The Marygreen Manor.


Our stunning Tudor manor house will be waiting with baited breath as the first of our guests arrive to enjoy the splendour that awaits them. We’ve worked tirelessly and spent a lot of time in creating a menu that we think befits a real Valentines experience. Instead of clichéd courses you’ll find exquisitely prepared appetisers, mains and desserts to really delight the palate. Gaze into the eyes of the one you truly love this year over our award winning wine and indulge in the finest service you’ll find this side of Essex. If you’ve suddenly found yourself with a date then why not give our reception a quick call, you never know you may just be in luck to book the last table available, all for the fabulous price of £75.


Whatever it is you choose to do and wherever you choose to spend your Valentines Day this year, we hope you enjoy it. Love will most certainly be in the air here at The Marygreen and we only hope it’s the same throughout the rest of Essex too.


Who knows, tomorrow could be the day that changes your life forever. Those three little words really could mean your ‘happily ever after’ finally coming true. So go out on a limb and take that leap. Follow your heart and tell that person just how much you love them, better still tell them with the finest dining in one of the most romantic and beautiful settings in Essex.


From all of us here at The Marygreen Manor, Happy Valentines Day.

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