Do You Have What It Takes To Solve The Crime?

murder mystery actors

Who will give you your first clue?

Are you eager for a night to end all nights, a night so spectacular in fact that it could quite easily be described as a night to die for? Then look no further than our very own Murder Mystery Nights here at The Marygreen Manor. Each and every murderous night begins at 7:00pm and consists of a sumptuous three-course meal from our very own award winning Tudor restaurant. The question is can you pull yourself away from each mouthwatering bite long enough to use your powers of investigation and solve the mystery?


The first of our mysteriously murderous events happens on a rather fitting date indeed, Friday 13th March to be precise. Do you dare to spend the evening in the company of a murderer? On the night itself you’ll be transported back to 1924 where you’ll experience the hideous Curse of Wyvern House. Set deep in the countryside you’ll be needed to solve the mystery surrounding the sudden curse that’s stuck down a number of new brides. The owner of the house has fallen in love with a young beauty, however for fear of the curse she refuses to marry him unless he can prove the curse doesn’t exist. In the company of a clairvoyant, a librarian and a young journalist to name just a few, you’ll be spending a stormy evening in November 1924 assembling to discover the mystery behind the curse.

Marygreen Manor Hotel

Murder Mystery Nights At The Marygreen Manor

Carrying on until 11:30pm at night you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the finest cuisine in Essex and discover just who exactly has carried out the heinous crime. What’s more, it couldn’t possibly be better value. Fabulous food from our exquisite master chef and entertainment for an entire evening, set in the wonderful décor of our manor home right here in Brentwood for just £49.50 per person. If you’d like more information on this particular night or any others we have planned for the coming year then take a peek at our Murder Mystery events page.

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