Show Mum Just How Much She Means This Mothering Sunday

Mum and Daughter

Don’t forget to show mum just how much you love her this Mother’s Day

In spite of everything they’ve done for us growing up and everything they continue to do for us well into adulthood, it can still sometimes be difficult to put into words just how much they actually mean. They carried us for nine tough months to bring us into the world safely. They tended to our grazed knees, told us everything would be ok after our first broken heart and they did all of this in spite of our teenage tantrums and “I can do it myself” attitude. When you really think about it, it shouldn’t require a special day of the year to remind us that we need to tell her just how much we love her. In the real world however with work, children and life’s other interruptions, that nudge can be very much needed which brings us straight to that special day in March.


Mother’s Day comes but once a year. A bit like an annual alarm clock, it tells us it’s time to put everything else aside. The question still remains however, just what’s the perfect way to treat her on her special day. Many opt for a simple bunch of flowers or perhaps even a bottle of her favourite perfume but here at The Marygreen Manor we think nothing says “I love you” more than giving your time.


Treat your beloved mother to something really special with lunch, dinner or even afternoon tea here at The Marygreen. Mothering Sunday this year, March 15th, will see the Marygreen turn into a hub of children everywhere showing their mothers just how much they care with exquisite fine food and wonderful service. Why not go that extra mile and really treat her to something special with the added luxury of champagne on your table or better still, let her wake up in the lap of luxury by booking her into our manor hotel for the night?


For more information on our upcoming Mother’s Day event just sign up to our newsletter by entering your email address at the bottom right hand corner of the page or keep your eyes peeled for further details hitting our website soon.

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