Tribute Nights And Entertainment

Marygreen Manor Hotel

Tribute Nights At The Marygreen Manor

Here at Marygreen Manor we like to offer you the choice of experiencing our fine dining with a little entertainment too. From fabulous Murder Mystery Nights to laugh a minute Fawlty Towers inspired evenings, there really is nothing we like better than to entertain our guests to the max. There is something however that we’re starting to get known for and that’s our legendary tribute nights and to make things even more exciting we have not one, but two tribute nights for you in the coming months.


You’ll be able to join Fil Straughan and everyone else here at Marygreen on a wonderful journey through Luther’s most loved and adored songs. All the while enjoying a beautiful three-course meal, just don’t make the same mistake as so many others by forgetting to enjoy your food as you get swept up in the music. Our tribute nights are perfect for group outings making them the ideal place for that all-important office social party. Sing, dance and be merry with the spirit of a new year in the air as you soak up the sounds of classic soul.


If your music taste involves more than just Luther then fear not because we’ll also be offering a night for the lovers of all the original Motown Sounds soon too. Here you’ll be able to join the ladies from Soul Town, a Motown Tribute band as they take you on a journey of nostalgia, once again accompanied by the succulent offerings from our delicious kitchen. Enjoy the delights of a three-course meal whilst allowing the familiar sounds of Soul Town to awaken your ears.


That’s a night of amazing entertainment and quality food for as always, a fantastic price. Then all that’s left to do is decide who’s having what and who’ll need a little nudge when it comes to having a good old boogie.

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