Supporting Our Local Town

MGM garden in spring

Support your local charities here at The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant

Here at Marygreen Manor we know just how important it is to give back to our community, which is why we take such pride in supporting a local Brentwood charity ‘Crossroads Care’. Set up more than twenty five years ago, the Brentwood and Basildon based charity was established in order to provide support and respite for those amongst us who dedicate their lives to caring for relatives and loved ones with special needs. Supporting more than one hundred and fifty families through struggles such as stroke, autism and dementia is no easy task but Crossroads Care and their specially trained team of professionals do it with ease. Offering vital support that help carers live their lives outside of their caring role a little. Crossroads Care achieve this by simply offering a few hours away here and there which in turn helps to relieve stress and the often overwhelming feeling of isolation that many carers can sometimes feel.


After recognising the amazing job they so often perform we decided to team up with Crossroads Care to help raise funds to enable them to carry on doing what they’re doing. This year we will be hosting a series of events with the sole purpose of raising money for the Brentwood and Basildon Districts based in Hutton. The ‘carers event’ will see all profits donated going to this extremely worthy cause. We’ll also be hosting a Children’s Afternoon Tea associated with the charity too. Marygreen Manor and all of its staff couldn’t be happier to support this utterly worthy charity that’s so close to home. We’re so determined to help raise as much money as possible so that Crossroads Care can continue to deliver the amazing service they do, helping hundreds of people within our own town of Brentwood. If you’d like to help then please come along to our Carer’s Events and spend time dedicating yourself to this great cause and your home town of Brentwood.


What could be better than a town that supports itself and everyone in it?

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