Our Jack-Of-All-Trades

Jack the porter

Jack our super porter

“I carry out waiter service, I help people with their suitcases, clean tables, work behind the bar, front of house greeting people…I do everything”. It seems the role of Porter at Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant requires a Jack-of-all-trades type to really fill the shoes of the role. Quite fitting then that the man who I met to interview should be called Jack, Jack Alfred Angel as a matter of fact. Still young and fresh faced at the tender age of twenty, I was expecting to discover a somewhat carefree attitude but such was not the case. Instead I was met with an ambitious mind determined to put it to good use.


Spending some of his time welcoming customers, a role which he particularly enjoys because it means “helping people”, Jack grinned from ear to ear when he informed me that although he didn’t have formal training when it came to working at the front of the house he was definitely “guided”. Not shocking considering the high calibre of guests they receive at MGM, high quality service all the way and Jack was a shining example. I took the opportune moment to nose and ask about celebrity guests and who had made him star struck. With a particular music artist on the tip of my tongue I leaned in closer before having to dodge a complete curve ball in the form of Ian Beale, “I couldn’t believe it, he looked quite dapper to be fair. I got so star struck”. Just as quickly had his maturity struck me on first impressions, did his youthful innocence seem to glisten for a moment talking about his joy at seeing a TV star.


Curious as to what led him down this route I inquired further and was surprised to find out he’d taken a swift side step away from walking the beat for a living after studying public services at Harlow college. Jack chose the route of hospitality to further his customer service skills he’d already gained from previous jobs, something he’s determined to hone in on even more with further study, “I’m doing an NVQ in Food, Beverage and Customer Service. People will come in and watch me while I’m working, it’s pressure but I try not to let it distract me.” Maybe it’s just my tendency to generalise but I couldn’t help but feel a little surprised at so many future goals in sight that didn’t include a weekend pint or banter with the lads down the local. With sights set firmly on moving up the ladder that included yet more education after this, he was still quick to give thanks to the people that inspired him, “Bar Manager would appeal to me a lot. I like mixing drinks and I want to be in the thick of it like Peter [MGM’s current bar manager], he’s taught me a lot because he’s not just a boss; he’s a leader and gets involved. He’s got so many certificates in bar management so after this I’m going to do one that he recommended, probably bar management too.” hastening to add, “I wouldn’t want to take his job away from him though.”


With such pressure at work, would this mean his down time was particularly relaxed? Of course not, this is Jack Alfred Angel and no one with a name like a super hero would be seen dead lounging on the sofa with a hangover, so what did Jack do on his days off? He worked on his management skills obviously; only this time it included studs and a lot of cardio. Taking the Team Captain position on his Sunday Football team, Jack explained, “I love the responsibility. It lets me be more vocal and I like helping out. If there’s a problem in the team I resolve it. That’s opened my eyes to management. That’s where I want to be way down the line at Marygreen Manor, where I can help develop people.”


Once again letting his calm and collected exterior slip for a second when I asked him what he loved most about his job, “Harry, he’s a guy I work with, we’re like Team Fantastic. He’s my best mate. I just love who I work with and love my team.” And as quick as it came, it had disappeared as he made his way back to work. With any unnecessary excitement soon dowsed, replaced with a maturity that seemed fitting of his superhero name. David Lee (Marygreen Manager) watch out, Jack Alfred Angel is on his way.

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