Wishing You All A Happy New Year

a bottle of champagne

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

As 2014 is about to close we’d love to take this time to wish our guests and staff here at The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant a very happy New Year. This year has been absolutely fabulous for us and has seen people from all over the world walk through our doors. It’s been a year of wonderful experiences and achievements especially for our famous Tudor Restaurant. We truly believe that without our hardworking team of staff we wouldn’t be the landmark we are today. We couldn’t be happier and more thankful for our returning clients as well as new ones and see 2015 bringing with it many new and exciting events for you to enjoy.


With a new year about to spring into full force it’s time for remembering just what we’ve learnt and thinking about what we want to learn. Here at The Marygreen we have every intention of making our hotel and restaurant even more exquisite than it already is. Our menus will stun you, our suites will wow you and every single aspect of our grand manor will make you wish you never had to leave.


To our future guests, our future brides and grooms and absolutely everyone that walks through our hotel doors we’d like to make a toast. Raise your glasses to the year ahead. May you all see the New Year in with love, laughter and enjoyment and most importantly may you make it one to remember.

fireworks in the night sky

Bring in the New Year with a bang!

We hope you’ve had a fabulous time over this festive season and wish you all a Happy New Year.



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