Struggling to feel the holiday spirit?

clouds and sky

missing the sunshine?

This time of year always brings with it feelings of cheer and celebration. It feels like the whole world takes on a different perspective as talk of giving rather than receiving takes the lead and families come together in spite of conflict. Whilst the majority might be enjoying themselves however there are around two million people in the UK sadly suffering from the hideous affects of SAD, otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder. December might mean Christmas and Yuletide joy to you but for others it also means dark mornings, dark evenings and a real lack of vital sunlight. With the majority traveling to work in the darkness, only to find themselves doing exactly the same on the way home, the distinct lack of light can have an unhealthy affect but there’s usually something that will help. Here are our top tips for beating the dreaded SAD and enjoying this festive season to the max.


Keep active and venture outdoors – research shows that daily exercise in the middle of the day could be extremely helpful so why not take a walk around our perfectly manicured gardens? Getting outdoors in the natural daylight will help enormously but if the cold weather is beginning to put you off then why not grab lunch in our stunning conservatory. You’ll have the benefit of natural light coupled with the warmth of our award winning Tudors Restaurant.


Keep yourself cosy – being cold can contribute to feeling low and it’s been proven that staying warm can reduce the winter blues which makes Marygreen Manor the perfect retreat. With our roaring open fires to keep you feeling toasty and our home from home suites with all the creature comforts needed to keep the bitter cold away, we’d say there’s no where better to go when seeking solace from the harsh winter chill.


Eating healthy – it’s something we’ve touched upon before here at Marygreen. Healthy eating is essential when it comes to beating SAD or the winter blues. A healthy diet boosts your mood and gives you more energy. It’ll also stop you putting on weight. Now whilst the thought of healthy eating tends to fill people with dread with thoughts of celery and lettuce, we’re here to tell you that actually it needn’t be dull or drab. Within our fine dining restaurant we’ll not only offer you a huge range of fresh fruits and vegetables that are both nutritional and seasonal but we’ll also offer healthy portions within our wonderful menu.


Embrace your inner social butterfly – It’s also been shown that socialising with family and friends is a great way for you to keep yourself happy and healthy. Spending time with those you love, especially during such a festive season can be great for your mental health. By making an effort to see that special someone (well it is the season to be jolly after all) or accept the invitations that come your way, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour in lifting your own spirits. Here at the Marygreen we have so many different events and lunches that are happening over Christmas, the New Year and well into 2015 that you’ll never be short of something fun to suggest to keep yourself and everyone around you in the party spirit.


Here at Marygreen Manor we know that even in a crowded room, anyone can feel lonely especially when they find themselves suffering from such a harsh disorder like SAD. Just because you feel that way however doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence; tell your friends and family, speak to your doctor and when you feel up to it allow us to offer you a fabulous location in which to spread your wings. Enjoy the winter months here in Brentwood for all it has to offer with its roaring log fires, cosy lunches and dinners, cold crisp scenery and most importantly…delicious winter warming food.

two men laughing

put a smile back on your face here at the Marygreen Manor

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