Private Parties Anyone?


The privacy of your own party can be a true luxury

Christmas comes but once a year and for some that means party after party at a different location each time. All the while mingling with work colleagues, family and friends but it also means celebrating alongside a multitude of strangers that just so happen to have chosen the same place as you to let their hair down and celebrate the impending festive occasion. For some this is what it’s all about; chatting, dancing and getting to know a selection of different people you’d never normally meet. For others however, the thought of sharing such a special celebration with complete strangers just doesn’t quite cut it. Here at Marygreen Manor, we always have the answer and for this we offer our fabulous Private/Corporate Christmas Parties.


In our Private/Corporate Christmas Parties, the Marygreen will essentially become your own. With the private room hire that comes with the package you’ll be given complete privacy to celebrate with your family, friends or work colleagues in the best way you see fit. You’ll also be given a whopping £500 bar tab along with food and a DJ. Depending on which package you pick depends on the food offered too. For some option one complete with a buffet is the perfect choice. This offers a casual dining experience allowing people to circulate, dance and feed themselves whenever they see fit, which keeps things light and informal letting people choose how they want the night to go. Within the buffet menu we offer a wide selection of food prepared in our award-winning kitchen. The buffet offers delights such as lemon and herb lamb, mini turkey and cranberry pies, Thai pork satay, penne pasta salad and hot new potatoes. There’s also a sparkling wine and bucks fizz reception. Here the select few you choose to celebrate with can enjoy exquisite food and drink along with fantastic music and all at the unbelievable price of just £39.50 per person.


For those who are looking for a more formal start to their evening, then option two would be more fitting. For this you’ll once again get complete privacy with the hire of your own room allowing the party to remain just family or friends, work or other. You’ll also get the fab £500 bar tab and DJ, all the while being treated to a rather indulgent and high quality three-course meal. The Private/Corporate Party Menu consists of a number of succulent offerings from Starters right through to Desserts and as always we like to finish off our wonderful dining experiences with teas, coffees and the super traditional mince pies. With dishes such as wild mushroom and truffle risotto, spiced parsnip soup, gilled salmon and red pepper salsa as well as a rump of lamb or penne pasta you really will be spoilt for choice and might we add a little full too. Though Christmas is the season where the sweet tooth takes precedence and that’s why we know you’ll still do your utmost to fit in one of our amazing desserts. With the choice of Christmas pudding, Apple Tarte Tatin, Panna Cotta or a selection of ice creams and sorbets, there’s something for everyone. Just make sure you’re not too full to enjoy a boogie on the dance floor. Option two with its fabulous extras, costs a mere £49.50 per person but get booking quick because availability doesn’t last for long.


If you’re looking for a little something special to get that certain someone in your life then why not treat them to a Marygreen Manor gift voucher. For just £15.50 per person you can treat them to our famous Afternoon Tea, and for a little extra make them feel totally special with the rather different Celebration Tea. Gift Vouchers come in sums of £10 and upward allowing them to be redeemed in the excellent Tudor Restaurant and even against accommodation in the hotel. Here at Marygreen Manor, when it comes to Christmas, we have it covered.

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