The Finest Dining In Essex This Winter


The Finest Dining In Essex

A new season has begun with winter well on its way and here at Marygreen Manor we all know what that means, a brand new and might we add seasonal, A La Carte menu for you all to enjoy. As current fans of our head chef Majid will already know, a new menu brings with it lots of new tastes, flavours and as always a few extra surprises all in accordance with this seasons must have foods of course.


Now before we go on to discuss the wonderful tastes and flavours in our new menu, there’s something else we’d like to draw your attention to. There’s something that we’re now becoming more aware of here at The Marygreen Manor and that’s the abundance of quality food available to us within the local area. From fruit and veg suppliers delivering the very freshest of produce to our very own butchers whom even go as far as to raise their very own quality British herds. You certainly can’t get fresher than that, that’s for sure. Shopping local often means just a few hours from being picked until it’s eaten. Compare this with foods from supermarkets that often travel hours before they’re frozen, let alone bought and eaten and it’s easy to see why the quality of our food is on another level entirely. That’s before we’ve even mentioned the huge difference in taste that comes from fresh and locally sourced produce.


With quality ingredients at the ready, it makes sense to divulge a little more about our fantastic new menu and what you can expect from it. Complete with our favourite classic, the Whole Dover Sole that will never be far from the Marygreen’s heart as well as an array of new and exciting dishes guaranteed to warm you through this winter. You can understand why we’re so excited to make the final reveal.


To begin your meal, before you’ve selected each course you’ll be treated to a delicious Amuse-Bouche, which comes compliments of our Head Chef Majid. For those who aren’t completely familiar, an Amuse-Bouche or Amuse-Gueule as they’re otherwise known is very different from a starter. A small, single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre is served as a way of preparing a guest for the meal they’re about to enjoy and boy will you enjoy it. With our starters we think you’ll be hard pushed to narrow your choice down to just one. We’ve ensured the options are varied including scallops, oysters, veal and even pigeon along with our ever changing soup of the day, each coming with their own incredibly delicious garnish. This is before we’ve even begun with the mains.


Each and every dish that’s prepared in the kitchen of the famous Tudor restaurant is checked and ok’d by Majid himself. This is perhaps why we’ve become known as the best fine dining restaurant in Essex and we feel it’s our rather exquisite main courses in particular that really highlight our quality. Our Head Chef’s talents, imagination and real flare for food are emphasized all the more when it comes to the main course menu. With dishes such as our Venison Saddle complete with fig, turnip, Brussels sprout and chocolate powder, it’s easy to see why our seasonal menus are so eagerly awaited. Likewise our duck breast with Mediterranean prawn, shitake mushrooms and potato fondant is equally as mouthwatering.


For some a menu is only as good as its desserts and for our Chef Majid, who just happens to have somewhat of a sweet tooth, it’s probably true. Before you venture toward the desserts however you’ll be treated to another complimentary course known as a Pre-Dessert. This again is chosen by Majid and allows the guest to prepare themselves for the sweet tastes of what’s to come such as our Dark Chocolate Moose, our Warm Ginger Friand or even our Spicy Bramley Apple Tart.


In spite of sourcing the very best ingredients, we know that only a truly amazing chef could create such fabulous dishes and for this we thank Majid. If you’d like to try our new A La Carte Menu then call now to book a table. Prepare for an absolute explosion of the taste buds.



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