Ease the stress of Christmas shopping with Marygreen Vouchers

a red gift box

Give the gift of memories with Marygreen Vouchers

Christmas shopping is upon us and we all know what that means, the stress of gift shopping. So what do your loved ones want for Christmas? Peace on earth perhaps? Instead of reading tealeaves or doing your best to force a list out of people, thus eliminating the element of surprise you could always do the really thoughtful thing and get them a gift voucher. Some would argue a gift voucher is impersonal and others would accuse it of being lazy but quite frankly that’s ridiculous. Here at the Marygreen Manor we think a gift card is the most personal gift there is. It’s a gift that gives freedom; it’s a gift that gives choice. With a gift voucher comes the ability to buy what you want exactly when you want and it’s a gift that says your relationship is good enough that you don’t have to force it. We think there’s a certain beauty in that.


When buying gifts many just reach for the latest gadget, like an iPad mini. Yes they’re great fun for a while but was that actually what they wanted? Did you really do your best to reach into the depths of that persons being to find they actually wanted an iPad mini? No it’s just a popular gizmo. It’s safe but it’s also empty too. Gift vouchers are safe but they’re full with possibility, especially when they come from the Marygreen Manor.


Some refrain from giving gift cards because they feel like they’re giving cold hard cash and admittedly for some, there’s nothing wrong in that but with a Marygreen Manor voucher you’re giving much much more. You’re giving an experience and you’re giving someone memories and time well spent and what’s better than that? You’re giving them the ability to take a little time out for themselves, to spend quality time away from the stresses and strains of modern day life. With our gift vouchers you’re giving someone the experience of fine dining, of luxury food in a gourmet get-away and Champagne. So much Champagne!


Do you know your loved ones favourite restaurant? Well you could put a box of take-away under the tree but we don’t think that would have the same effect somehow. Nor would a scarf from their favourite shop. Yes it might be their style but did they really want it? For some, money sounds like the best option, it’s easy, and it’s a guaranteed people pleaser (for most anyway) but as with all gifts of cash, the cash gets lost amongst their purse or wallet and spent on things that aren’t in any way related to a gift. With a gift voucher however you’re making sure that person really receives that gift. They’re forced to stop and spend a little time on themselves; that much needed TLC and time to focus solely on them instead of everyone else around them. That time to be selfish and shut the door, switch off the phone and think only of what’s put in front of them courtesy of their wonderful friend who bought them the gift of time, the gift of memories.


Here at the Marygreen our selection of gift vouchers covers something for everyone. Whether you’re buying for a couple, for a foodie-loving friend or for someone who just needs five minutes to relax, then you’ll find something here. With gift vouchers for hotel and restaurant services, Champagne afternoon teas and even Gourmet Get-Aways, you’ll find something for everyone. Not only will you find this year stress free but you’ll also be the most popular under the mistletoe, so what are you waiting for? Who will you treat this Christmas?


Be extra popular under the mistletoe this year

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