The perfect Christmas present

Two gift wrapped parcels

Marygreen Manor Gift Vouchers are the perfect present

Sometimes telling someone you love them just isn’t enough. As much as you can try to show it with meaningful heartfelt words, sometimes only a real treat and surprise will do. So in times like this, what do we do? Is it the usual bunch of flowers or maybe their favourite bottle of wine? As touching as these can be, here at Marygreen Manor we think there’s no better way to say ‘I Love You’ or even ‘Thank You’ than with a real experience. Give the ultimate gift of time and a treat for the taste buds with one of our luxury gift vouchers that doesn’t just tell someone you’re thankful but lets you show them just how much too.

If you’re looking to treat a group of people then why not start with a gift voucher each for our famous Afternoon Tea? At just £16.50 per person it’s the must do experience that gives the ones you love a chance to sample some of our homemade scones, clotted cream and preserves as well as our selection of exquisite cakes. If our Afternoon Tea just doesn’t seem like quite enough however, you could always go that one step further and opt for Celebration Tea Gift Vouchers. A twist on our regular Afternoon Tea where finger sandwiches are swapped for savoury canapés and scones cast aside for mini desserts ready to be washed down with a glass of Prosecco or our celebration cocktail. All experienced within the beautiful surroundings of our finely decorated Lounge and Conservatory for the ultimate luxury experience.

For others, an Afternoon Tea just isn’t enough and a gift giving a touch more choice is what’s called for. Maybe something that offers a little freedom and variety perhaps, allowing you to really go all the way with decadence and truly indulge the loved ones in your life. In this instance we suggest our Tudor Restaurant Gift Vouchers along with Hotel Gift Vouchers. With any amount from £10.00 available you can either give the gift of an entire meal or even an overnight stay to really give them a night they’ll always remember.

In life it’s not the material things that matter because as time goes by we learn it’s the memories that count, not the clothes you wore when you made them. Really show someone you love them by giving them the opportunity to make some wonderful memories with you, all within the beautiful Marygreen Manor.

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