Diwali hits Essex


A traditional Diwali light display

Diwali Lights


Today marks the first day of Diwali celebrations, the five day Hindu festival of lights that celebrates new beginnings, the emergence of light from dark and the triumph of good over evil. Now if that doesn’t sound like a reason to celebrate then we don’t know what is. Diwali is so widely celebrated now that many British cities and counties, including our very own Essex, welcomes a huge variety of cultures into their festival celebrations.


Diwali quite literally translates into “row of lamps”, thus its title the festival of lights. Traditionally families celebrating Diwali will light small painted lanterns that are half filled with oil and leave them outside their houses overnight. This is so the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi can find her way safely to their homes. The theory goes the more lamps lit, the easier she’ll find it getting to your home. With modern celebrations people will now even incorporate bright electrical lights and fireworks. Some celebrations get so big in fact that, such as those in India itself that they can be seen all the way from space.


If Diwali is starting to sound like a festival you’d like to explore then why not check out the Diwali celebrations we have going on here in Essex. On 1st November in Chelmsford, just a short journey from us here at Marygreen Manor, will see the Chelmsford Indian Group hosting Diwali celebrations at Boswell School. From 5:30pm all the way through to 11pm they’ll be fireworks, traditional Indian food and even stage performances. With tickets starting from as little as £5 it’d be a crime not to go.


For the perfect place to rest your head while you’re celebrating in Essex, why not try a little luxury here at Marygreen. With fabulous accommodation and the finest meals to try before you fill yourself on traditional Diwali food, there really is no better place to go.

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