Celebrating Halloween in Essex

a spooky image of Marygreen late at night

The Marygreen Manor at dusk

Essex just so happens to be one of the spookiest towns in the country and with Halloween just around the corner, it makes the perfect setting for any spooky celebrations. If you find yourself without the kids this year and without the hassle of having to knock on stranger’s doors then why not take the night for yourselves and enjoy your very own Halloween in some rather exquisite surroundings.


Staying here at The Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant not only puts you in close proximity to some seriously exciting Haunted Happenings and Spooky Nights but it also puts you in the epicentre of all things scary. For those who might not be aware, Essex actually has a much darker side to it than the light hearted TOWIE fun most usually associate with it. Away from the chocolate box villages and the seaside delights of Southend, it’s actually a county steeped in tradition when it comes to witchcraft and has been for centuries. In fact Essex was actually the host to one of the most frightening witch-hunts to ever take place back in 1644 led by witch-finder General Matthew Hopkins. The victims suffered the most horrendous terrors and even led to an Essex town called Canewdon being dubbed the centre of witchcraft or “The Witch County”.


If witch filled stories aren’t enough to send a shiver down your spine then perhaps a spooky night out in Essex will do the trick. Just a stones throw from the comfort of the Marygreen Manor, the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker will be host to a ghost hunt or two. With just the one lonesome cottage in view above ground, the rest of the evening (and night if you’re feeling brave enough) takes place underground in the bunker itself. Prepare for terrifying spaces and petrifying paranormal activity, enough to give even Yvette Fielding the hibbi geeies.


If that doesn’t sound like your thing and there’s a severe lack of fun size chocolate bars in the fridge to hand to the inevitable onslaught of trick or treaters then head to Marygreen Manor where a night of luxury will be all you need to take you away from the Essex ghosts and ghouls.

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