A Slice Of Fawlty Towers

Basil, Sybil and Manuel at Marygreen Manor

“A Slice of Fawlty Towers”

“When I asked you to build me a wall, I was hoping that instead of just dumping the bricks in a pile, you might have found time to cement them together, you know, one on top of the other, in the traditional fashion.” Simply hearing this says it all. The cast of Fawlty Towers needs no introduction what so ever, a hugely popular television show back in 1975 that’s still aired regularly today. People loved the humour and the sometimes too true to life moments it often brought up. Sadly only two series of six episodes each were ever made leaving a rather large Fawlty Towers shaped hole in every fan throughout the UK.


Here at Marygreen Manor Hotel and Restaurant however we’re looking to fill that void with our very own “Slice of Fawlty Towers” on the 14th November. An absolute blast with this professional comedy, it’s guaranteed an amazing night had by all. As diners in the Tudor Restaurant you’ll experience a different kind of service than the sort you’re used to here at Marygreen, because for this night only it’ll be run by Basil, Sybil and Manuel themselves. The night will begin at the bar for pre-dinner drinks where you’ll meet the characters and you’re entertainers for the evening. Basil, being in charge of course will then invite you all into the restaurant to enjoy a succulent three-course meal from our luxury fine dining restaurant. With delights such as ham hock terrine and a delicious rump of lamb with garlic mash to choose from you’ll find yourself thrilled from all angles. Overload the senses with delicious food and an evening of laughs with this half scripted, half improvised show.


Taking place around you whilst you eat, with the added thrill of never knowing where the evening will take you. Now just remember folks, “ if you don’t like duck, you’re rather stuck”.

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