Bubbly Perfection


It’s been in the fridge for the past few days, chilled to perfection just as it should be and finally it’s time to open it. You’ve been saving it for long enough now after all. Gently removing the foil wrapper that’s around the cork before you unscrew the metal loop to rid it of its cage and now the cage is gone you can feel the tension in the bottle, the bubbles starting to build. Holding the bottle firm you gentle twist the cork, suggesting it make its way out rather than force it, it’s the perfect way to open it. Then you hear it “pop” and out it flows, sometimes quicker than you can pour it into the flutes you have ready and waiting. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any celebration. Loved and adored the world over, though it may come as a surprise to hear that we aren’t talking about Champagne. We’re talking about Prosecco.

An Italian sparking white wine made from the Glera grape that’s believed to originate from an area known as Trieste, home to an Italian village called Prosecco. Prosecco comes in so many different variants now so whether you like your bottle Frizzante (light and smooth) or Suprante (fizzy with a kick) there’s a version for everyone. It’s so popular in fact that’s it’s now enjoyed in all four corners of the world. In spite of this, it’s still managing to avoid becoming part of the ‘mass produced’ train making it not only delicious but seriously exclusive too and unlike it’s more expensive cousin, it’s not so damaging to the bank account.

Here at Marygreen Manor, knowing just how popular it is we thought we’d make it part of our exclusive Celebration Tea because lets face it, what sort of celebration would it be without a class of our favourite fizz? Why not try out our Tudor’s twist on a Traditional Afternoon Tea where we swap scones for canapés and cake for petit fours as well as including a luxury selection of mini desserts, all washed down with a delicious glass of Italian Prosecco, because at Marygreen Manor, only the best will do.



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