Father’s Day 15th June 2014


Mum’s carried us for nine whole months, cooking the proverbial bun in the oven with their lives being affected hugely. Then at a point where they felt fit to burst, they had to put everything on hold. Their careers were stunted, their social lives diminished and their health was tested to the limit, all for the sake of creating us. But it didn’t stop there, because once we had arrived, their thankless work continued and they were faced with the arduous task of looking after a newborn, dissecting our language as best they could just to try to find out what we wanted. Amongst all this however, she was deemed a lioness, going through all the pain and anguish. But somewhere along the lines, Dad’s became a bit lost.

Amongst the praise lavished upon mum, dad received the odd pat on the back, a few comments of “well done” but that was about it. Expected to carry on, working as normal as if nothing had changed, yet all they could do was worry for their partners, and the majority of the time all they wanted to do was be at home taking care of them. Fathers may not have carried us but they certainly did their bit. From being at Mum’s every beck and call, worrying after her constantly, taking things out of her hands when he thought she was doing too much, rubbing her back and fetching her tea, he was there for her. When it came to the nursery he put his own fears of flat pack assembly aside and dove in guns blazing, until the very last piece was in place. Then at the birth, he felt lost and helpless. Desperate for something, anything that he could do to take the pain away and help, anxious for it to all be over, he wanted to meet us yes, but he also wanted his partner safe and well, he worried again… he worried constantly. And then came the gut wrenching feeling of having to walk out of the door and go back to work, leaving his new family behind was unbearable, but he had no choice, he had to provide.


 A father’s role, somewhere along the way seemed to get a little hidden, often unmentioned. Although he may not have got so hands during the pregnancy stage, it doesn’t mean he deserves to be thanked any less. Our fathers never carried us; not because they didn’t want to, because they couldn’t, but what they did do was just as important. All too often Mother’s are lavished with attention on their special day every year, thanked time and again for selflessly devoting their lives to creating us, as they should do too, after all what they did was tough. But sadly, Fathers it would seem get a little forgotten, in spite of being the ones who taught us to ride our first bike, or build a go kart, or secretly let us have the chocolate when our mums said no. So instead of letting another year pass by without showing him just how grateful you really are, why not make it a day he’ll never forget?

Here at Marygreen Manor on Sunday June 15th, we’ll be hosting a day especially for the Father’s in our lives. Creating a special Father’s day three course lunch within the beautiful Tudors Restaurant where you can really take the time to show Dad just how important he was, is and will always be to you. At just £39 per person you’ll be able to devote an entire day to the first man in your life and really make him realise what an amazing job he did. Choose from our delicious menu, exquisitely created just for him, offering some of the best fine dining in Essex. Isn’t it about time you really showed Dad just how you felt.

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