We don’t rest on our laurels here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel and although ‘handsome is as handsome does’, we always want to make sure we back up a great service with an attractive environment, inside and out.

Hanging Basket at Marygreen Manor

Summer seems to be here at last and, conveniently, we’ve just taken delivery of our hanging baskets for the garden.

Whatever the weather does, we’ll be keeping a close eye on them so even if the summer isn’t as good as we hope, you’ll be able to see the baskets in all their glory from a comfortable perch inside the Marygreen.

Hanging baskets are a great way to add ‘kerb appeal’ to everything from a small flat to a hotel like the Marygreen. With some new varieties of plants having been bred specifically for use in hanging baskets, the choice of what to feature has become even greater.

Moss-lined hanging baskets became popular during the Victorian age but the ‘moss to watch’ is Angel Moss. This ticks the ‘green’ box in a big way, having been sustainably farmed (in New Zealand), and it also hold much more moisture than traditional woodland moss or cocoa fibre.

Hanging baskets aren’t just for flowers – plants such as strawberries also thrive in them, though we won’t be featuring those in our baskets, in case they spoil your appetite for one of the Marygreen’s delicious meals or snacks!

The notion of hanging baskets and trailing plants in a garden isn’t a new one: it dates back many thousands of years, to the famous HangingGardens of Babylon. Some stories have them as towering hundreds of feet into the air, though archaeologists reckon that’s an exaggeration. They are said to have been built by King Nebuchadnezzar to placate Queen Amyitis (the things some men do for their wives…). Poor Amyitis was daughter of the King of the Medes and had been married off to Nebuchadnezzar to create an alliance between the nations. Coming from a green, mountainous country, she found the flat, sun-baked Mesopotamia frankly depressing, so Nebuchadnezzar tried to recreate her homeland through building an artificial mountain which had rooftop gardens.

Here at the Marygreen Manor Hotel, we’re not placating anybody – we’re just making sure our hanging baskets enhance what we hope will be a wonderful stay with us.



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