Wedding Table Centre

Holding your wedding – and your reception – at a venue like the Marygreen Manor Hotel makes almost everything easy.

Whereas we can take a lot of the stressful planning and organising off your shoulders, it’ll still be down to the bride and groom (but probably mostly the bride!) to make the detailed decisions about all things floral, from buttonholes to bouquets. Then you come to the table decorations. At the Marygreen Manor Hotel, we’ll do everything we can to make your big day extra special, including advising on flowers for your table decorations and local providers of them (see below).

But if you fancy something more unusual or ‘off the wall’, there are a number of wild and wonderful ideas out there.

For the centrepiece for your tables, how about buying a small, transparent vase to place on a small mirror for each table? Then put glass beads, to match your general reception colour scheme, into the vases. For extra sparkle, place candles (safely!) in the vases, or get a battery-operated light as a substitute.

Still focusing on candles, you could put floating candles in a glass bowl, or – especially appropriate if you are planning an autumn wedding – put chunky candles, again on a mirror, with pine cones and twigs (maybe sprayed with gold paint?) around the edge of the candle.

Remember that the Marygreen Manor offers you a glorious Tudor setting for your special occasion, so you could reflect this by creating centrepieces consisting of several chunky candles of different heights placed on a large gold plate (a gold coloured ‘charger’ plate would do). Add to the atmosphere by trailing ivy – real or fake – around the edge.

Or, if you really want to do something different, how about making origami flowers (for instance, lilies with the yellow pollen and pink spots painted on afterwards)? These can look startlingly convincing but they won’t droop!

Some people make it simple (and perhaps over-tempting – you don’t want to spoil your guests’ appetites for our fine Marygreen Manor Hotel food) by having bowls of sweets as their table decorations. Wrapped ones would be messy, but there is any number of brightly-coloured, bauble-like sweets (particularly from the many old fashioned sweet shops that are springing up everywhere) that would look appealing and decorative on your wedding reception tables.

Other edible decorations come in the form of chocolate-coated strawberries on sticks, stuck like blooms into flowerpots!

If you want to go the tried and tested floral route, there are plenty of local suppliers at hand. Our partner florist, with whom we have enjoyed a fruitful relationship and who we know we can rely on to do our clients proud, is Cascades of Babylon  at 88 High Street, Brentwood. With over 80 years of experience, they say ‘In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends’.

A more recent addition to the Brentwood flower scene is Jasmine Bleu  in Ingrave Road, at the end of Brentwood High Street. It has a full range of wedding (and other celebration) flowers.

Alternatively, tick two boxes at once by choosing Blossoms & Balloons at 265 Ongar Road.

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