Murder Mystery Dinner – Murder Most Foul – And Also Rather Tasty!

Fancy combining a murder mystery night with a delicious meal – and being able to enjoy them both to the maximum? Don’t go with the amateurs; visit us at the Marygreen Manor Hotel for a Murder Mystery Dinner!

For a gourmet restaurant experience with entertainment, put a date in your diary for our next Murder Mystery Dinner, which is on Friday 14 June. The event begins to take its murderous course at 7pm and, following some superb dinner entertainment, in which you will play a key part, the culprit will have been revealed by 11.30pm. Then you can don your cloaks and venture out into the dark, swirling mists (well, maybe not. It will be June, after all).

The event is suitable for groups of four and above and is great value at only £49.50 per person (a non-refundable deposit of £15 per person is payable when you make your booking).

Murder mystery evenings have become increasingly popular and are run in various types of venues across the country, but at the Marygreen we always go the extra mile to make your any visit to us genuinely special, so we’ve hired the best and we’ll cook you the best for your Murder Mystery Dinner.

Murder mystery event specialists the Company Upfront will be your devilish hosts for the evening – and they have an excellent track record in ‘chilling your bones to the marrow’ while you eat a hot dinner. We know from past experience that they balance professionalism and fun and over the years they have perfected and honed a wide range of scripts. What will the story be on your night…?

The Company Upfront uses professional actors (who never step out of character) sets and costumes and invite you to play detective to identify the murder, their motive and their methods. You’re aiming for Columbo (preferably without the scruffy mac) rather than Clouseau, but however you approach the task of solving the crime, we know you’ll have fun.

We work closely with the Company Upfront to ensure that they run the evening in such a way that it fits around and enhances your dining experience rather than distracts from it. We don’t want our chef’s fine food to be a ‘side dish’.

So, come and enjoy a gourmet meal along with some dinner entertainment – and we’ll wait to see which individual or table of guests is astute enough to solve the big ‘whodunnit’!

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