Get set for Father’s Day 2013 at the Marygreen Manor Hotel, Brentwood

Have you planned for Father’s Day?

We’ve just helped you celebrate Mother’s Day with the sort of themed lunch to make any mum feel extra special (thanks to those of you who booked lunch with us yesterday) but what about dad?

Although Father’s Day is on the calendar (Sunday 16th June 2013), Mother’s Day seems to get the lion’s share of the publicity and we dads can end up feeling a bit neglected. A jokey mug, a quick pint somewhere? It’s not good enough! Especially when you can gain brownie (or ‘scout’?) points by making another booking at the Marygreen Manor Hotel, this time for our Father’s Day lunch, on Sunday 16 June. It may seem far ahead, but it’s never too early to raise your game by organising his treat in advance. We’ve carefully devised our Father’s Day menu to reflect man’s desire for meat! But for dads with different palates, there are other equally interesting options to choose from. For details of our tempting Father’s Day menu, click here (Father’s Day 2013 Event Menu).

The History of Father’s Day

So, how did Father’s Day originate, and do other countries celebrate in the same way?

Bizarrely, bereavement and death were thought to be the catalyst for what we know as the sock-and-beer-fest of Father’s Day. Unsurprisingly, it originates in America, but there are two different versions of how it came about. Some say it dates back to 1910 and a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd, who had long pondered the unfairness of there being a Mother’s Day celebration but nothing for dads. She wanted to hail her own papa – who’d brought up his children single-handed after being widowed when his wife died giving birth to the sixth one – and all the other unsung ‘heroes’. Others say the celebration started in West Virginia, two years earlier, when one Grace Golden Clayton suggested to her local minister that they hold services to celebrate fathers after a local mine explosion killed 361 men.

Whichever version is true, the idea of Father’s Day has stuck, although the nature of the celebration varies around the world – not least, in Germany. Here, it’s traditional for groups of men to do a hiking tour with one or more small wagons, which they pull along themselves. Happily, the wagons usually contain wine and/or beer and some traditional regional grub. This tradition is believed to go back to the Ascension Day processions to the farmlands (some of which became simple drinking sprees) back in the 17th century. And never let it be said the Germans have allowed a good idea go to waste: similar ‘gentlemen’s parties’ have taken place in urban areas – especially Berlin – since the 19th century… Gesundheit!

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