Murder at the Marygreen Manor!

On Friday 13th April we hosted another of our successful Murder Mystery Nights hosted by The Company Upfront.

Set in St. Vernon’s Boarding School for Young Ladies in 1949 the cast of characters including Headmaster – Mr Granville Stickler, Matron – Miss Beatrice Dose and Gardner/Handyman – Wally Fermantle set the scene for the murder in the Henry VIII Suite as our guests were busily taking down notes that they could use later in the evening to uncover the murderous culprit! Knowing who committed the murder is a good start but it’s not enough; you also need to discover the murder weapon and the six reasons why the murder was committed!

After a delicious starter and main course, served in Tudors Restaurant, guests were given the chance to question the characters in the oak lounge before returning to the restaurant for dessert.  During dessert characters move from table to table giving the opportunity for four, and only four, final questions!

After dessert our guests moved back into the Henry VIII Suite for the final scene and the dramatic reveal of the guilty party.  At Friday’s event the murderer turned out to be the English teacher – Miss Vita Prout; or was it the Art Teacher – Mr Nigel Rogers – oh I can’t remember now!

Don’t miss your change to enjoy one of these fantastic shows.  We are now taking booking for “A Fete Worse than Death” on Friday 29th June 2012 and “39 Steps to Murder” on Friday 28th September 2012.

For information on our forthcoming shows in June and September click here:

For information on our Christmas shows click here:

Photographs taken by Steve from BPA Photography:

Watch The Company Upfronts promotional video here:

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