History Of Marygreen Manor

Marygreen Manor Hotel

When it comes to hotels in Brentwood few can boast the same historical heritage as Marygreen Manor.  We have chosen our top ten favorite facts about this fascinating building to share with you:

1. There has been a succession of buildings on the site dating back as far as the 12th Century.

2. In the 13th Century Robert Roper became a tenant of the manor.  His ancestors, who are believed to have eventually become freeholders of the site, are thought to have included Henry Roper.

3. In 1501 Henry Roper was appointed to the suite of the young Princess Catherine of Aragon on her arrival in England. He was later given an “above stairs” appointment of some standing in Catherine’s Household.  Henry Roper named his moated house “The Place” meaning “a country house with surroundings” in Tudor Times

4. Legend has it that Henry VIII and his Queen Catherine were frequent visitors to “The Place” on the estate of Henry Roper.

5. Robert Wright moved to the property in 1535 and, after his marriage in 1541, renamed his Manor “The Manor of Mary Greene” after his bride. They lived on the site for fifty years. His family was associated with the site for 190 years.

6. Wilbur and Orville Wright, the pioneers of modern day flight, were direct descendants of the Robert Wright.

7. The famous diarist Samuel Pepys had connections to the Wright family in the 1600’s and it is believed he enjoyed their hospitality at the House.

8. The oak timbers on the front of the building were exposed again in the 1950’s after being covered from view since the late 17th century.

9. After extensive renovations and some new-build the property opened as a hotel in the autumn of 1968.  A few months later the hotel was awarded a “four star” classification by the Automobile Association becoming the first hotel in Essex to receive this rating.

10. The current day hotel was renamed Marygreen Manor in 1994 after formally being known as “The Brentwood Moat House” for 25 years.

So next time you are looking for hotels in Brentwood choose Marygreen Manor and become a part of the hotels exciting story!

Source: The Place at Brook Street, George Lloyd, 1997, Marygreen Books.

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