Marygreens Perfect Sugar Curls

Marygreen Manors Pastry Chef, David Illa, takes you through the stages of making perfect sugar curls.  These curls are fantastic for decorating your favourite desserts and can brighten up even a simple dish of ice cream.

1. Equipment & ingredients:

Good solid pan

Metal spoon

20gr Glucose

10gr Fondant Icing

2 drops Food Colouring

2. Method

Boil the glucose and fondant in the pan until it turns a light golden colour, stirring occasionally.* Allow to cool for about 2 minutes and add a few drops of your chosen food colouring (David is using red in this example).  The mixture should be of a thick run consistency.  Using a metal spoon lift some of the mixture and let it fall back into the bowl whilst twisting the falling mix around a clean, smooth, metal cylindrical implement (David is using the handle of a whisk).  Tighter curls can be achieved using a narrower object such as a knife steel.  As soon as the twist is complete snap off the ends with your fingers and remove the curl on to a clean plate.

Repete until you have enough curls or you have used all the mix. If your mixture begins to set and becomes unworkable it can be reheated back to the correct consistency (please note that re-heating the mixture more than once may alter the colour). Your curls must be stored in an air tight container where they will remain firm for up to a week.

*Please take care when working with hot sugar.

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  1. Hi-Ya! our family just loves your beautiful editorial thanx and pls keep it up

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