Going for Green

Environmental awareness has grown steadily and it is now an important factor for many travellers when choosing their hotel accommodation. Many large corporations are choosing to work with accommodation suppliers who are able to show a commitment to the environment that goes beyond the mandatory towel re-use scheme.

We had been discussing environmental issues and our “green” approach to our business for several months when we were contacted by Carbonsmart, a company specialising in delivering practical environmental solutions to businesses. One of the many services they offer is a basic service funded by government grants. This consists of an assessment of your business to determine its carbon footprint. Once the assessment is complete they prepare a Business Resource Review Report. This details your carbon footprint result and current usage of resources, together with suggestions of how these can be reduced. Once the report has been presented some additional telephone support with your advisor is available. Having received the report our advisor suggested that our first point of action should be to draw up an Environmental Policy Statement and work from there.

We used Carbon Smarts “Guide to writing environmentally focused policy documents”, together with our telephone support, to help with writing the policy statement. Once we had finalised and agreed the statement we used the policy as a guide to draw up an action plan detailing what we needed to do to achieve the aims of the policy. Having the action plan was a great help. It really kept us focused on the project and exactly what actions we needed to take. Some of our bigger projects will need to be factored in to budgets over the coming years whilst at the same time some smaller, previously missed opportunities, have been identified and addressed along the way.

Going “green” is a long term investment and should not be seen as a cost cutting exercise. Many environmentally friendly products cost more than there carbon sprouting alternatives – hopefully this will change as demand for these products increases.

Of course it is essential that our efforts do not go unnoticed! We keep our guests and staff updated on our progress using notice boards, our website and in-room collateral. This allows us to explain any changes we have made and keeps everyone updated on our plans for the future.

We begun this project in August of this year and have already implemented many changes. Of course this is a long term on-going project, with our policy and action plan evolving as we progress. As we continue into next year we looking into the possibility of offering a new “green” Conference & Meeting initiative as well looking into gaining recognition from The Green Tourism Business Scheme.

To view our Environmental Policy:

To view our progress so far: http://www.marygreenmanor.co.uk/OurEnvironmentalProgress

For Details on way Carbon Smart can help your company:

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